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Newsy things!

- Happy 2018

by ente

No news is not necessarily good news, but we're still alive and well, as far as we know.

Now go and make this year a good one.

- #imgurians Minecraft Server

by Gargaj

Just dropping a note that we've launched a little Minecraft server; you can see the progress on it here:


- North American meetup updates

by hobbitlover

Ohai guys!

After these past few weeks of voting, it's been decided; the North American channel meetup will take place in Montreal, Canada, from June 17th to the 25th. To facilitate organization, I've set up a planning pad group where you can weigh in on different subjects like transportation, sleeping accomodations and things to see and do while we're in the city. Please feel free to log in anytime and participate in the ongoing discussions. If you do not already have an account, please let me know and I will set it up for you.


The side channel, #imgurians-meetup, is also open and those of you who have shown interest will be contacted in order to plan a Hangout some time over the next few weeks.

I hope to hear from you all soon!


P.S.: US peeps, please make sure that you have a valid passport in order to travel to Canada

- It's that time again! 2016 North American channel meetup - Round 1 (Fight!)

by hobbitlover

Hai guys!

Planning for our third North American meetup has started and we'd like you to join us! Click on the link to get started with voting. We'll keep you posted as things progress, make sure to keep an eye on the event page as well as the channel topic.


- Super Secret Santa Season 2015

by Gargaj

This year we decided to streamline the process for Secret Santa a bit, so we can do the whole thing through the website without having to run after people (optimally):


Just log in, sign up, and let others who are interested know too! Remember, the draw is in two weeks!