Chat now!


Who the heck are you?
Just a bunch of people who hung around imgur!
When did you start the chat?
The first post was made on December 8th, 2012; the chat has been going non-stop pretty much since, and most people stuck around for it too!
Did you ever try posting about this on imgur?
Sure, take a look!
The webchat sucks! Is there a better way to get on the chat?
Sure! There's plenty of ways, head over here for explanations.
What does the @ sign mean in front of people's names?
Those people are the admins of the chat. If you have a problem YO they'll solve it.
...and the + sign?
That doesn't mean much, actually. Normally it's to highlight people who are allowed to talk when the channel is in read-only mode, but that never happens, it's mostly just decoration. Consider it an achievement unlocked if you get one.

There's also the previous FAQ which is no longer being updated but contains relevant information for some people. We'll continue to migrate information from there to here over time.