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2014-01-16 by ente
Happy new year!
The US/Canada fraction of the channel made a roadtrip, and uploaded some pictures here (this one was submitted to the gallery and brought in some people), here, here, and here. Check them out, the eyebrows are awesome.
2013-12-18 by ente
I'm actually pretty late to add this to the news page, but the channel is a little over one year old now. Gargaj made a statistics infographic about it and it's really awesome. The actual channel birthday is 2012-12-07.
2013-04-12 by ente
Good news, folks. We have our own quotes page. If you're familiar with QDB or you'll be right at home. It's a bit unfinished at the moment, I'm still working on it. Please flag comments that are grossly out of context as such, because I'm planning to add a section for that stuff - it's often hilarious. Having our own Quotes page enables us to post quotes that are only relevant in our community, and which wouldn't be funny to outsiders. Enjoy!
2013-03-28 by ente
Hey guys, in this post I'm going to link to all announcements (with descriptions) our chat has had on imgur. If you want to post an announcement, please let me know, so that I can add it to this post. I hope you enjoy it :) A belated happy 4 months of being stuck with me! ;)
2013-02-15 by ente
I've been tinkering with tard, now it collects information about the massive amount of URLs mentioned on the channel each day. Please see tard's page for the results.
2013-01-23 by ente
Announcing our twitter account: You can tweet to that page using our unfriendly channel bot tard. Just stay on the channel and use !tweet something you want to appear on twitter to tweet. Also, we're not dead yet, I'm just not updating the FAQ regularly. Feel free to stick around, the regulars seem to be nice. Also, we have stats by now, please see the Miscellaneous section for links.
2012-12-21 by ente
Due to the apocalypse, things seem to be settling down. We can currently have a normal conversation, and it is indeed quite fun. Feel free to join us if you haven't yet :-)
2012-12-20 by ente
Hi everybody. The IRC channel is currently very busy, to say that at least. We hope it will eventually settle down so we can actually follow the discussion. In the meantime, please try not to talk too much unneccessary stuff, because it makes things hard to follow. For example, we all already know that there are pretty colours available in the chat, please don't test them on us :-)

Accessing IRC

There are different types of software that can be used in order to access IRC. Chances are, you are already using the Web-Frontend to chat right now. For better readability and usability, it is advised that you pick and install an IRC client locally on your machine.
Here are some popular clients, so you can pick the one that looks the best to you (there are hundreds of others to choose from): For Linux, *BSD, etc., please see your package repositories.

A more complete list is available in the Wikipedia article "List of IRC clients".

If you are certain that you need web-access to IRCnet, there are different web clients available, for instance:

Please don't use mibbit, because they apparently log private information.

I have an IRC client, how do I connect?

Most IRCnet servers are restricting the range of IP addresses allowed to connect to the server. The exception is which is an alias to all servers allowing everybody to connect and will probably work for you if you're just trying to connect somehow. In any case, you probably want to connect to a server which is physically close to you.

To find out about all servers you can connect to, join the channel #ircnet and enter !servers.

Example output from a German IP:

* You are talking on #ircnet
<ente> !servers
<@826HAAABC> ente => Performing lookup on your host to find what servers you can access
<@826HAAABC> ente => Based on your host and ip you can use the following servers:
<@826HAAABC> ente =>
<@826HAAABC> ente =>
Most, but not all of these servers are located in Germany.

The table below contains wildcard records for servers, e.g. if you know you want to connect to a random server in a certain country, but you don't care which exact server you connect to, then please take a look at it. If your country is not in the list, please see the list of all servers.

Country Address Comments
Estonia – the Estonian IPv6 servers – allow connections from all over the world. If your ISP already supports IPv6, maybe try them.
Germany or
USA DNS entries for American IRCnet are broken, therefore I supply my own. Both US servers (, allow connections from everywhere, so the load will be rather high.
Poland or

Some basics to get you started

This is an IRC based chat. In IRC, you have a bit output window and an input line. If you type something, it will appear on the input line. Since IRC is a chat system, most of the text you will be typing will be conversation you take part in, but if the line starts with a slash (/), the line will be treated as a command instead.

Here's a list of frequently used commands to get you started:

If you've never been on IRC before, here's some tips to get you started:


Currently, we have some subchannels intended for the discussion of the corresponding topics. To join these, enter /join #insert-channel-name-here

Note: The '#'-sign is important

Language specific


If you think some channel is missing here, please let us know. You can start your own channel for your own purposes by joining an empty one. Happy chatting!


Tard (which is the short form of Tardar Sauce) is our grumpy cat channel bot. It manages our channel-local accounts and channel ops.

The following steps are required to sign up with tard: First, you need to pick a tard handle you want to use later on. This does not necessarily have to be equal to your chat nickname.

Register with tard by replacing the italic values below with your real data. Only handle and password are required, but if you want other people to know your imgur account name or birthday, you can set these here. The email address will not be visible to other users, but instead be used to contact and verify your identity in case you lose your password. That said, please don't lose your password, no matter if you decide to enter your email address here or not.

A few things to keep in mind:

/msg tard! register the-handle-you-want your-password imgur:your-imgur-login birthday:1980-01-25 cakeday:2009-05-21 homepage:

You can replace these values later by using e.g. /msg tard! cakeday 2013-09-05

In case you switch to a different ISP, your hostmask will change. In this case you need to tell tard to add your new hostmask to its database. The command you should use is /msg tard! heyitsme your-username-here your-password-here.

If you are configured as a channel operator, you can ask tard set the operator mode on you for all channels where you are configured as an op. The command is /msg tard! op your-password-here. Please note that webchat users will become "voiced" (channel mode +v) instead of "opped" (+o) because it's easy to screw things up with the web client. (That said, if you are a channel operator, please don't give ops to people who are connected via webchat. Thank you.)

You should probably /msg tard! help in case you get stuck or need an overview over the features tard offers you. If this still doesn't help, poke ente, there's probably a problem with tard.

Important: You should always include tard's full hostmask as mentioned above, i.e. /msg tard! instead of just /msg tard. This prevents potential attackers from taking over tard's nick and listening for other people's passwords. If your account gets hacked, it will be disabled and you will not get a second one. (This hasn't happened yet, but better safe than sorry, I guess).

Voting on Quotes

You can use your tard account to vote on quotes on our quotes page. The commands for doing so on the channel are However, if you're voting on massive amounts of quotes or just don't want to vote in public, you can also vote using /msg tard upvote #1234 (i.e. without the exclamation mark). In fact, this is actually preferred to spamming the channel in case you're voting quotes in bulk.

Some of these commands have aliases.

Please also note that it's currently not possible to change your vote for a quote at a later point.

Automatically authenticate on connect

The method to do this differs from client to client. It uses the client's so called "perform" mechanism to automatically execute commands on certain events.

Important: If you choose to automatically authenticate with tard you must under all circumstances make sure to include tard's hostmask in all /msg occurences. Otherwise you put yourself at risk of being password snooped, which will in turn invoke the eternal wrath of the tard gods. Do not risk it. so-called "perform script" to perform an action on start-up.


Make a file perform.txt using a text editor (i.e. not an office suite like Microsoft Word, on Windows the program "Editor"/notepad which ships with Windows will work) containing the following line somewhere.
msg tard! heyitsme your-username your-password
If you are set as an operator in any of tard's channels, add the following line below the first:
msg tard! op your-password
It's important to not have any leading slashes in front of your /msg and other commands since all lines in the file will be interpreted as commands.

Afterwards, you have to put the

load -e C:\Path\To\perform.txt
or on Linux/*NIX,
load -e /path/to/perform.txt
in the "X-Chat › Server List › connect command" box for IRCnet. You may want to also add your autojoin to the perform file before the msg commands to tard to ensure you're already joined on the channel you want tard to give you operator status on (and remove any autojoins you have in the Xchat input box). Example:
join #imgurians,#imgurians-tech,#finmgur
Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2


Add the channel as follows if you just want to authenticate with tard:
/channel add -auto -bots "*!" -botcmd "^msg $0 heyitsme your-username your-password" #imgurians ircnet
If you are set as an operator in any of tard's channels, use the following line instead of the first:
/channel add -auto -bots "*!" -botcmd "^msg $0 heyitsme your-username your-password;^msg $0 op your-password" #imgurians ircnet
The -auto flag means that the channel will be added to your autojoin list, meaning that irssi tries to join #imgurians as soon as it connects to ircnet. You can leave it off if you prefer joining the channel by hand but still want to automatically authenticate with tard when you do.


Channel statistics are available here and here. Thanks to tinyhippo for hosting the latter.

URL stats

An overview of the massive amounts of URLs posted on the channel each day can be found here. Please type your nick to confirm you're actually one of us and not a random web spider.


Our channel bot tard has a !twitter command which people with voice or operator status can use to tweet stuff to the channel twitter account. To use it (on a channel where it's enabled, currently only #imgurians), type !tweet text you want to tweet.

Quotes page

Please submit your funny quotes to our quotes page.

General guidelines for channel operators on #imgurians

These are only guidelines, if you were given +o, we trust your discretion in making decisions, but if you contradict this directly expect some backlash from other chan-ops.

  1. being offended doesn't give you the right to ban someone
  2. threats of violence are a bannable offense
  3. we want our users not to feel frightened, but we do want people to be able to say what's on their mind regardless of who's in the channel personal threats are considered worse than impersonal generalizations that someone just doesn't like
                    "FUCK X political or economic policy" → okay
                    "FUCK X user in this channel" → not okay
  4. sexual harrassment isn't okay, but discussing sex in the channel is allowed if there is sexual discussion directed at you specifically and you don't like it (in PM or in channel with your name specifically involved), we'll try our best to put a stop to it (remember we can't stop PMs)
  5. For people behaving out of line, the first action should be to warn them in chat, followed by a KICK from the channel with a message along the lines of "first warning" if their behavior doesn't change.
If behavior persists after this, a timed ban should be used (either by tard or a manual ban you just later remove), with a time based on the severity and persistence of the offense. If in doubt, give it 12 hours and ask other channel ops in that time for an opinion (be sure to include logs). When a user is kickbanned, a message of why should be included in the kick so we can refer to it later.

If a user is still being a problem in PMs (which we have no control over), after the user has been banned from all the channels you're in, we recommend changing your nick so they can no longer find you. You can also use /ignore in most clients to not see messages they send (see your client documentation for specific syntax). Anyone who is not an OP should bring any concerns to the attention of an active channel OP. If someone annoyed you in PM, we will consider banning them, but please give us logs so we know the nature of the problem. The OPs are your friends, no matter your position in the channel if you have a problem the channel has a problem, and we'd like to fix it. The OPs will try to be empathetic, but of course they will have their own view as well.

If you have any questions regarding IRC or the content on this site, or notice something is wrong or outdated feel free to ask on the channel or send a mail to Moritz.

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